Are you one of those guys that steals your partner’s cleanser in the shower and moisturiser from the bathroom cabinet? It’s okay to admit it, this is a safe space. First off, we think it is great that you want to look after your skin but it’s time to get your own skincare. At Enhance Aesthetics we believe that every skin is unique and your skincare should reflect that, so we challenge you to book in for a skin analysis and take your grooming routine to a whole new level – a bespoke level!

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There are a few general differences between men and women’s skin:

Tighter connective tissue and muscles: In comparison to women, the connective tissue and skin-adjacent muscles of the male body are tighter and the collagen content of the skin is higher, while the tendency to form fatty deposits is lower.

Higher oil and sweat production: Sebum formation is more intense and consequently there is also a thicker lipid film on the male skin which is also the reason for improved water retaining capacity. The male skin has more sweat glands and that is why men perspire easily and also profusely.

More hair: In combination with the increased sebum formation, their abundant crop of hair creates a higher incidence of acne and pimples, particularly during and after adolescence. Accordingly, a natural tendency towards cornification disorders (conditions characterised by sensitive, dry, itchy and irritated skin). The efficient endogenic greasing naturally smoothes the skin but also involves enlarged pores.

Later wrinkle formation: Due to the favourable water balance in the skin, wrinkles tend to form later than on the female skin, however, are more distinct once formed. This could be why women often address their skin health earlier than men.

A skin treatment with us will take these differences and your individual skin needs and concerns into account and will create you a tailor-made regime. 

When you’re talking to our skin treatment therapist during your skin analysis, be truthful about your habits – if you’ll only use 2 products, they’ll be able to make sure your skin is getting everything it needs in those two products. If you want all the bells and whistles they can offer, we’re sure they’ll be happy to oblige.

Our in-clinic treatments are also customised for your individual skin are the best way to boost your results!

Start your skin journey with us today.

Let us provide you with an easy-to-follow, individualised skin care routine that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle and helps protect & balance your skin. We'd love to see you at The Salon!