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VITA-SOL is the skin professionals’ choice for quality nutraceuticals to support skin health from the inside out. We believe in an integrative approach to skincare inspired by the concept of nutrigenomics and epigenetics.

They understand that the best way to look good and feel great is through a well-balanced, healthy diet and lifestyle rather than a synthetic vitamin pill. This is because wholefoods come with a multitude of micronutrients, phytochemicals, fibre and prebiotics that work in synergy to not only provide us with important nutrients but also to activate the body’s own natural cellular defence systems such as detoxification pathway support, antioxidant production and reducing inflammation by downregulating proinflammatory pathways. Nourishing the body with nutrient dense ingredients to assist cell integrity, hydration and antioxidant support is the foundation to a healthy gut and radiant skin.

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